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Our services


IoT – the system that works for us / smart system that works for you

IoT (Internet of Things), including smart devices capable of two-way communication with other devices, is a definition that is not yet fully clear. From everyday devices used in households to network infrastructures, there are wide range of systems covered by the concept. Their defining common point is that they are present in every segments of our lives and are rapidly becoming a part of it. Despite their high convenience, these devices are not completely harmless. Our specialists are constantly keeping up with the development of IoT opportunities to build more efficient and secure "smart systems" for our customers.

System maintenance

System maintenance is the foundation and an essential part of IT. We enter into a service-level agreement with our customers, under which our specialists begin the correction of any errors within a specified period of time. Our company eliminates the problems that hinder the daily process with outstanding speed of two hours, if not affected by external factors. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are committed to having a maximum downtime of 3 days out of 365 days a year. This includes scheduled maintenance, an important part to keep all components fresh, which minimizes the number of possible errors. Everything from the client to the network and to the servers is maintained to ensure our partner encounters with as little difficulty as possible in the course of the work processes.

Remote monitoring

We work 90 percent with remote solutions that have practical advantages. Our specialists have access to everything remotely, which speeds up workflows and saves time for our customers. With the increasing use of vPro technology, we can manage computers from a bios level, allowing us to turn it on, fix bugs and reinstall everything without having to be on site. Problems are fixed without the discomfort and inconvenience factors to our partners. We carry out our work with a high level of professional knowledge and ethics, whilst treating the information available to us confidential in all cases.

Network building

Network building is a low current implementation. Everything that works witn an IP adress belongs into this category. Amongst others, our services include cable entry, cable duct installation, cable bundling and patch panel installation.

System survey

It is important for us that our customers are familiar with the possibilities of their IT system. We conduct a survey of the existing equipment, and provide the result in a detailed documentation, allowing visibility of the gaps and untapped opportunities. The purpose of our precise survey is to help our customers run their business more efficiently with our observations.

Industry 4.0 – new wave industrial revolution / industrial revolution in IoT systems

The new Industry 4.0 technological revolution in industrial production is creating a new value by breaking down the physical barriers of digital technologies: the self-organizing manufacturing mechanism. Based on the available information, when networked, self-communication and in some cases decision-making tools facilitate the optimization of production processes, resulting in more efficient and competitive production. The devices that make up the system are able to organize and carry out production processes independently at almost every stage of the product chain. The effectiveness of a digitised production system is dependent on the proper computer mapping of the area to be transformed. Our aim is to get a thorough understanding of the automation and digitalisation developments of enterprises and to develop the systems created by optimal development tools and programmes.

Server operation

As part of our server management service, we manage users and their associated permissions in addition to installations. We create mailboxes and if required, create rules for the IT system for our partners, to work smoothly. As technology has developed in the recent years, server operation has taken several directions. Our on-premise server operation includes locally installed solutions, which allows us to monitor the server at the client’s office. Our cloud server operation can be private or public. In case of a private cloud server, we use our own, which can only be accessed by our partner. In case of public server, the partner rents the cloud storage space. The main advantage of cloud server operation is that the costs of operating a physical server (cooling, power consumption, operator) are not incurred, therefore it effectively exceeds the on-premise solution.

Outsourced administrator

We offer our partners the opportunity to maintain their system on site. In all cases, our employee keeps in touch with a competent IT colleague and attend to on-site at prearranged appointments.

Website creating

We also undertake the creation of websites according to individual needs and ideas. From design to creative details and final touches, we are at your disposal and provide expert assistance.

Software license consulting

Our partner’s software asset is fully reviewed for cost optimization and IT security. We give our customers a comprehensive picture of what software they need, and based on the diverse possibilities, acquire them in the most efficient way to our partners.


Anyone can run into a business process shortage at any time that they are unable to handle due to the lack of IT expertise. Our clients can use our company’s professional advice and rely on us to provide them with realistic, step-by-step information and guidance on what is necessary for the realization of their ideas and the pay off of a developed IT solution in their respective professions. Thanks to their decades of experience and qualifications, our experts will provide you with right answers to your questions and help our partners to reach higher levels of performance.